Update on Planned Second Location

We wanted to give our valued customers an update about our planned second location for Sardis, BC. Over the past few months we have announced our plans about a second Benanna Bakery location opening in Sardis in partnership with Fraser Valley Meats, and Produce Gone Wild.

Unfortunately, plans have changed due to circumstances related to the location. We are still planning to open a second location, which we hope will open in mid – end of 2019. That being said, the new store will not be located in the originally planned location in Sardis with Fraser Valley Meats and Produce Gone Wild.

Not to worry, we are actively sourcing out a new location for our second store, and as soon as we know more, we will announce the details! For the meantime, if you know of a GREAT location, feel free to let us know by emailing [email protected]

We know this announcement will come as a shock and disappointment to some of our customers on the south side of town. We understand your disappointment, and hope you will continue to support us through our expansion.

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