Sourdough Pizza Not Only Tastes Great, It’s Also Healthy For You!

You probably already know that our sourdough bread is healthier than ordinary bread, but did you know that the same ingredients used to make sourdough bread could also be used to make a wide variety of other baked goods? In fact, you could even use the same sourdough starter that we use in our breads at BeNanna Bakery to make a delicious homemade pizza crust.

In fact, the sourdough crust on our pizza has exactly the same health benefits as our famous sourdough bread. So if you thought that you had to give up pizza because you were gluten intolerant, think again. Sourdough pizza won’t cause any adverse reaction to gluten that many people have, thanks to the way the pizza crust is made. That means that those with gluten intolerance can now enjoy Italy’s favourite food.

The secret to the health benefits of sourdough pizza can be found in the sourdough starter itself, which is a mix of organic flour, water and naturally occurring bacteria and yeast. The magic happens when the dough is able to ferment over time. The natural yeast will neutralize any phytic acid in the mixture, and that means you can enjoy sourdough even if you are gluten intolerant. It is the phytic acid that inhibits enzymes needed for the breakdown of proteins and starches. When you can prevent the effects of phytic acid, you can prevent the onset of your gluten intolerance.

That’s why sourdough bread, in general, is healthier for you than regular bread. The naturally occurring yeast and bacteria make it easier for your body to absorb all the healthy ingredients in bread without triggering the symptoms of gluten intolerance.

And there’s an added bonus as well – you now have a great way to use up any remaining sourdough starter from baking bread. In fact, that’s how we first started baking our own sourdough pizza – we were looking for a convenient, easy way to use up that delicious starter mix, and we decided to experiment with pizza crust. By trying out different baking times and temperatures, you can get exactly the type of crust that you enjoy.

So why buy a store-made pizza crust when you can bake your own? Best of all, you won’t have to worry about the nausea or indigestion caused by traditional pizza crust. (However, if you have been diagnosed with celiac disease, it’s not recommended to eat either sourdough bread or sourdough pizza)

The next time you’re in the mood for pizza, you won’t have to pass on your plans because of your gluten intolerance. You can either drop by BeNanna Bakery to order a sourdough pizza with all the toppings, or if you’d prefer to bake the crust yourself, you can also buy the natural sourdough starter direct from us and bake at home. Either way, you’ll be grinning from ear to ear when you can enjoy the wonderful taste and smell of sourdough! San Francisco might be the traditional home of sourdough bread in North America, but we’re hoping that British Columbia can soon become the unofficial home of sourdough pizza!

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