Our natural levain sourdough bread really sells itself, but we love it when our customers sell it for us!

“Have been purchasing their sourdough bread for a few weeks now (sunflower flax is my fave). Such delicious bread, awesome bakery, fabulous people. Highly recommend them! Give them a try.”

Thanks Lois, you made our day!

artisan bread

Baked fresh every day in our Chilliwack family bakery!

Our customers really are the best advocates for fresh baked bread, crafted with quality ingredients . . . just like our grandmothers used to make in their kitchens—the same way bread was made for thousands of years before “processing” and “factories” started making bread faster and cheaper (but NOT better).

“I bought your sourdough starter a few days ago. Made a couple of great loaves yesterday. Am experimenting with another recipe today. Thanks.”

No, thank YOU, Rosemary! You inspire us to share our recipes and tips with whomever wants to try making bread themselves. We are always ready to compare notes and share your recipes with our other customers. It’s all about community! You can buy our SOURDOUGH STARTER here!

sourdough bread

Artisan sourdough, deli meats, mustard, lettuce & tomato!

“I went into the bakery yesterday, bought a loaf of bacon and onion bread. Went to Hofstedes Country Barn and bought heirloom tomatoes. Made a sandwich with both and a little butter. Perfection, the best tomato sandwich I have ever had. No kidding!”

We took you seriously, Judi! And we take our bread seriously too!

We are learning more and more about gluten sensitivity and we’re happy to report that some customers have returned with tears in their eyes because they can enjoy bread again! The natural fermentation process we use in baking our sourdough makes digesting it easier for those with gluten intolerance. Now, those are some serious results!

“I am gluten intolerant and happy to report that I bought one of your loaves and I am able to tolerate it. So thankful because it is awesome bread and I hate gluten-free bread.”

We hear ya, Gerry!

We are so lucky to have such supportive customers who continually communicate what they like about our products, and share the wonderful meal ideas they make for their families.

“Fantastic Bakery. Everything we have tried here has been 10 out of 10. The bread is wonderful and the pastries are sublime.”

Well, we have to say, we agree! Off to bake more fresh, fabulous treats and wholesome, hearty bread for you all! THANK YOU for inspiring us and sharing your wonderful stories. Drop in for a chat sometime, and if you feel inclined, visit our Facebook page and share your photos and recipes.

Baker Ben,

Chief Dough Officer

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