Social Media Ambassadors Wanted!

Benanna Bakery has always pride it’s self on customer service and there is no doubt we have the best customers in the world. This community has meant a lot to us over many years and now we want to do something that will help Benanna Bakery expand in this community as well as putting money back into our customer’s pockets. Yes, you heard that right!

Do you follow politics? It doesn’t really matter which side you are on, we all know being an ambassador is a very special job. You get apointed by the President, Prime Minister or some other higher power. You are given a budget and are sent off to a far away country to ‘carry the flag'(and party a lot) Maybe this is a little over simplefied but you know what we are getting at. You are responsible to carry the flag 🙂 We want to use the same concept!

As you know we are kind of different, especially went it comes to advertising, so why would we spend money on Google Ads or Facebook Advertising when we have the choice to spend our money locally. We are looking for 5 new Ambassador’s every month to help share our Facebook post, share all our social media pages and tell everyone you know about Benanna Bakery. Upon return, at the end of the month, our Ambassador’s will receive a free $50 gift card to Benanna Bakery. Sounds great right? It is a first come first serve basis with a waiting list so try to sign up quickly, so you can to be one of the first Benanna Bakery Ambassadors.

We look forward to having you as a part of our team. To apply, head to and fill out your information. We will contact you shortly to let you know if you have been accepted.

Apply now! >>>

Questions? Email us! [email protected].

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