My Trip To Québec + The Making Of Our Premium Flour!

Mon Voyage au Quebec

I recently went on a fantastic trip to Saint-Polycarpe, Québec! It is a beautiful small town filled with great people! I had such a great time learning from the talented individuals at Les Moulins De Soulanges and I always look forward to connecting with them. As an added bonus, I get to practice my French!


My journey started at noon on a Saturday when I made my way to the airport and flew from British Columbia to Toronto. When first arriving on the east coast, I needed to rent a car for my road trip to Québec. Before heading on the road, I spent some quality time with my wonderful family members in Ontario. On Monday, I woke up bright and early as any baker does and started driving from Tillsonburg to Saint-Polycarpe. I arrived there safely and I was very excited about the next two days at Les Moulin De Soulages!

The team at Les Moulin De Soulages are creators of specialty flour and provide the highest quality of wheat! As a baker, I value using top quality ingredients with no chemicals! I want my customers to enjoy the highest quality of fresh baked goods, every single time!

This is why I love connecting and visiting the companies I purchase from. I love getting to know the quality of their products, their systems and everything in between. An essential factor as a baker is building trust with farmers and the miller. After all, the miller and baker are best buds!


No Chemicals

I was very impressed with this company using specific agricultural techniques with no chemicals. Each lot of wheat is monitored by an agronomy team that provides total traceability of the product. As a result, this process maintains a sustainable agriculture by respecting the environment due to the traceability factors. I also appreciate that once the wheat arrives at the mills, the wheat is then tested for quality. It’s an additional step after being certified by the agronomist.

Because every year of harvest deals with different types of wheat, it’s a very difficult process to provide a specific blend of flour year round without any chemicals. When the wheat first arrives at Les Moulins De Soulanges, it is a priority do to a test for quality, there’s no such a thing as too many tests in order to have the best flour! Every single load of wheat gets tested for protein content, humidity and more. Afterward, the wheat goes through a safeguarding process to prevent any contamination and is safely transported to us while preserving the quality of the product!  We value companies that are responsible and provide detailed systems, that are well documented and monitored. I loved my trip to Québec and connecting with the incredibly talented and skilled team! Went home safely filled with gratitude and good memories!


At BeNanna Bakery, you can always expect la crème de la crème! We always go above and beyond to source great ingredients in order to create and bake the best bread and pastries! Come on by and see what goodness we freshly baked today, we hope to see you soon!

For any questions, please connect with us on social media or contact us at (604) 703-0264. We are open from Tuesday to Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm located at 45733 Alexander Ave, Chilliwack, BC V2P 1L6. We look forward to hearing from you!



Mon Voyage Magnifique A La Belle Province de Québec

J’ai passé deux jours merveilleuses dans la ville de Saint-Polycarpe, Québec. J’ai visité les créateur de farine de spécialité! Le Moulins de Soulanges est une excellente entreprise, ils valorisent la qualité supérieure de la farine! À la boulangerie de BeNanna, nous aimons nous connecter avec des gens qui connaissent le blé. C’est très important de travailler avec une

entreprise qui est responsable et qui a des systèmes mise en place. J’ai confiance dans leurs farines de spécialité et j’ai appris beaucoup de leurs expertise. Ils sont des personnes fantastiques! J’ai retourné a ma maison en Colombie Britannique remplis de merveilleux souvenirs et de reconnaissance!

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