Introducing the BeNanna Referral program: How it works + How to get a Free cake or Free pastry

Sign up to our referral program here: Click on this link to sign up! Read below for more information.

We are so excited to share our referral program with you and the awesome perks that comes with it! Sometimes referral programs can be difficult to navigate and confusing to understand. We are very happy to say that our program is straightforward and very simple to enjoy the benefits. Find out how you can get rewards by simply sharing the love of our baked goods!

Free Account & Easy Sign up
Creating an account will be the necessary first step, simply fill out the sign up form. This step is completely free and effortless to do! The sign up form only requires information such as your name, email, phone and password. That’s it. From there you can start referring your family and friends and get a free cake!

Free Cake for You
Every 5 referrals = 1 free delicious cake baked in-house! You can choose from our rich chocolate cake, refreshing fresh fruit, delicious black forest and more. All of our cakes are baked in-house with fresh quality ingredients to ensure maximum goodness! The cake flavours will vary depending on the day. Referrals are only accounted for once the person has completed the sign up form and submitted their information.

Free Pastry for Them
Once the referred person has opened their account, they will receive a link to a free BeNanna pastry and experience our delightful fresh pastries! The referred person may pick any fresh pastry that is available that day. From a generously filled lemon meringue to a creamy vanilla slice, rich chocolate eclair and more.

How to use the referral link
When completing the sign up form and created your account, the program will create a unique referral link specifically for you. The link can easily be shared through text, email, social media, etc. When referring someone, make sure they click on your referral link in order for you to accumulate the 5 people needed for a free cake. By clicking on your link, the program will keep track of the individuals referred only if they complete the sign up form. Everybody with an account can start sharing the love of BeNanna baked goods and get rewarded!

Sign up to our referral program here:
Click on this link to sign up and start getting rewarded! Share your love of BeNanna baked goods with your link and give your family and friends a free pastry.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see more of our pastries, cakes and fresh breads we bake daily. We often have awesome promotions on our social media that you don’t want to miss. We value providing freshly baked pastries, cakes and breads on a daily basis and we are very passionate about baking with quality ingredients. The BeNanna Bakery is open from Wednesday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm located on 45733 Alexander Ave, Chilliwack, BC V2P 1L6. Feel free to contact us at (604) 703-0264. We look forward to hear from you!

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