Let’s talk about butter: The International Debate Over Dairy

Butter plays such an important role when baking! Using the right kind of butter can completely change the taste profile of any pastry. As a baker, I pay close attention to the quality of our ingredients. For this reason, I am very concerned with the butter options we have here in Canada. We apologize that our initial post was harsh, our opinions and dissatisfaction is with the system itself. We love Chilliwack and our local farmers! We would love to buy local butter, however, the system’s limitations and the lack of options make it simply impossible to find high-end butter in BC. 

Butter is a key component to create delightful baked goods, many bakers are very dependent on butter. In fact, many bakers will end up using European butter due to its higher fat percentage and superior quality. The high fat percentage allows us to create richer and tastier pastries for our customers to enjoy!

The Harsh Reality – We Are Extremely Limited

Sadly, this market is highly dominated and controlled by two suppliers. These suppliers have no interest in doing small run production or cycles, which makes it extremely hard for small local dairy product retail stores to stay in business. For example, we had a small beautiful dairy store here in Chilliwack called Milk Maid, that is no longer a dairy farm. 

The butter options these suppliers sell come from a processor in Alberta, not from a BC farm. We also do not get the option for certain grades of butter, we are limited by what they sell. In addition, there are actually no small producing plants in the lower mainland, which can be very frustrating as a small business.

Stirling Creamery, located in Ontario, is the only company in the whole country that makes European style butter with higher fat percentage. Their products are available in a few selected stores in BC. We wish for more creameries like this one to be accessible. We will contact them with the hope that one day we will sell their products. Thank you to one of our lovely customer for doing the research and sharing this resource with us.

We Want To Use Local Butter!!

Our dream would be to have as many local farms similar to Smits Cheese, a local dairy farm that meets all our dairy supply needs! Having options from grass-fed butter to cultured, uncultured, salted to unsalted butter would be a dream come true!! There is an unfortunate disconnect between farmer to processor to consumer. We would love to use local butter but sadly, it is simply not available.

We Use High-End Butter Filled With Essential Nutrients!

We have a CDC permit that allows us to purchase butter at a better price. However, our priority is and will always be about the quality of our ingredients. Unfortunately, there is a lack of quality available in Canada and very limited options.

For this reason, we are forced to use butter from New Zealand or the UK to achieve high quality pastries. These two countries provide top quality butter with a higher percentage of fat, which is perfect to create delicious, rich pastries! Due to New Zealand’s climate, cows can be grass-fed outdoors year round. As a result, their milk is richer in vitamin E, omega-3 fats, CLA and eta-carotenes. This provides nutritious, high-end butter.

We would like to thank all our loyal customers. We value each of your opinions and appreciate your support. Thank you for sharing with us resources that will hopefully help with this issue. For any questions, please comment below or connect with us on social media. We can also be reached at (604) 703-0264. We are open from Tuesday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm located on 45733 Alexander Ave, Chilliwack, BC V2P 1L6. We look forward to hear from you!

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