Our natural levain sourdough bread really sells itself, but we love it when our customers sell it for us! “Have been purchasing their sourdough bread for a few weeks now (sunflower flax is my fave). Such delicious bread, awesome bakery, fabulous people. Highly recommend them! Give them a try.” Thanks Lois, you made our day! […]

It’s time to SQUARE UP!

By Ben Van Eck a.k.a Baker Ben Customers LOVE Square! You want your fresh-baked bread, and you want it NOW! I always aim to please my customers and get them their tasty products as quickly as possible. That’s why I tried out the Square card reader and, I have to say, it’s one of the […]

What’s the Deal with Sourdough?

sourdough bread

Every baker who’s worth his or her dough should know how to bake the perfect sourdough loaf. But every artisan baker who is passionate about the craft continues to work to master the art of this simple, yet complex form of bread. Sourdough is made with a starter or leaven which is a mixture of […]